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dannatt sculpture sitting.jpg

Trevor Dannatt R.A. sitting for a portrait



I began my career as a sculptor, before training as an architect and later taking up pottery. I have returned to sculpture with a new perspective and enthusiasm that has been shaped by my experience as an architect and ceramicist.

I don’t think that portraits ought to be anatomically exact copies of their subjects- it seems to me that the copy can never be as good as the original and therefore that kind of project is self-defeating and a little dull. However, I don’t find it easy to escape from that dilemma. I would like to aim for more economy of expression than I have managed so far and to encapsulate more observation using less description. I hope that is my direction of travel and conveys something of my aspirations for the future.


On a practical level I need good natural light to make a portrait bust, so sittings need to be at my studio unless a well-lit room can be provided. I will require at least 4 or 5 sittings, during which time I will be modelling directly into clay.

When I have finished modelling, the portrait can be cast into a variety of materials including bronze and plaster or a range of different materials mixed with resin. Casts can be made into multiple copies and patinated in a wide variety of colours. It is also possible to prepare a clay model for firing to produce a one-off ceramic or terracotta work.

The price of a bust depends on the ambition. I am happy to undertake work for limited payment and also to produce larger and more expensive pieces. If you are interested in commissioning a portrait please feel free to ask me questions via email or phone. All details can be found on the contact page.

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